Main St. Flip: The Front Door Verdict is In!

Last week, I told you about a design dilemma I needed your help in solving and you came through in such a big way! Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on the decision with your honest and encouraging opinions about the front door color. We have a winner!

We’re going to paint the door a version of dark blue, based on the majority pick (which is now also my new personal favorite!)

Here’s what some of you said:

”The door is set back a bit and needs something to pop it forward, imho”

“Dark blue is appealing with the wood”

“Option 1 hardware with a deep blue-y forest green would be my first choice, just a bit more green than the darker blue! Example- Beau Green from Benjamin Moore”

I absolutely loved hearing all of your opinions. What I love about going dark blue is 1. It’s classy and timeless. 2. You can go vibrant or not, depending on what works — you can even skew more green or more grey for the same reason. It’s very flexible. 3. It’s clearly appealing to a lot of people with a lot of different design styles, which, for a flip, is a GREAT thing.

So now, it’s time to choose a swatch! This part of the process will come down to what looks best against the cedar siding. I’ll definitely be updating Instagram while I’m testing colors, so be on the look out for that!

I checked out Beau Green, the suggestion that last commenter made, and I have to admit it’s pretty dang good. It’s in the running, for sure. I chose two more colors to test as well, just in case the door doesn’t look the same in reality with Beau Green as it does in my head.

The way I chose these colors was by searching “dark blue front door” on Pinterest and scanning real-life photos of different door colors, rather than just perusing paint dot swatches. Scroll down for my top three!

1. Beau green by Benjamin Moore

Beau Green Door.jpg

2. Yorktowne Green by Benjamin Moore

Yorktowne Green front door.jpg

3. Hamilton Blue by Benjamin Moore

As far as hardware goes, with this color, I’m drawn to the Moravian star pendant. The sconces I chose to pair with that pendant are still pretty modern looking, but the whole look together presents as an updated classic. Here it is again, for reference. Looking at it now, I may swap that black entry set for gold and the metal on the pendant for black/dark bronze.


I have more updates to share about the bonus space I mentioned in another post, as well as back deck issues (which are now solved), structural talk, and a kitchen design plan! All coming up here, so stay tuned!

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