Main Street Flip House: Front Door Inspiration & Opinions Needed!

I’m rolling up my sleeves on Monday and getting started on the front porch at the flip house!
This is the first property we’ve ever renovated by first starting with the front facade. We’ve always saved exterior updates for last, so we can focus the majority of the budget on more impactful upgrades inside, but this time around, we’re keenly aware just how much a simple facelift will impact the street, as well as the buzz about this flip (which is important, since we DO actually have to sell it).

First, let’s talk about that cedar siding and the front door color. The cedar needs a good pressure washing and sealing, which will likely bring out more red tones in the wood. As much as I LOVE this greyed out tone that is has now, it has not been treated in years and really needs some love. The good news is that the sun naturally does this to cedar, and the red tones will fade again with time. But I really think to do this house a service, we need to take good care of the wood up front, and let the color be what it is.

That all being said, this will definitely influence the front door color choice. I actually love what I think the door color used to be - a kind of light aqua blue - and I do think it complements the cedar really well. It’s a color that could also go with so many different styles, which is great.

Light blue door.jpg

Um, that bee knocker is the cutest.
Here’s a semi-mocked up version of a clean coat of basically the same color paint on our front door, made using the Sherwin Williams Colorsnap Visualizer (one of my favorite, free tools, ever!)

light blue door mock up

For the sake of thinking outside the box, I wanted to come up with a couple of other color options, too.

I love the idea of a pink door. Yes, the siding will be a lighter and more ruddy than the siding in this picture but the porch on our house is also quite dark because it’s so enclosed and set back. So I actually think something like this could work well.

See how Hilary’s front door still works alongside those red brick pavers? That gives me hope that a pink door on a cedar house isn’t a terrible idea!

cool undertones pink.jpg

This pink has cooler undertones, which might be a good way to achieve the look since there’s already warm wood surrounding it. Again with the bee knocker. This is becoming a theme.

And the mock-up:

pink door mock up

Another idea I had was a dark blue front door, which would be a very classic look. Imagine this picture, but in the reverse, with our siding being wood (like their door) and the door being that dark blue.

Dark blue and wood.jpg
dark blue and wood 2.jpg
dark blue mock up

What do we think? My heart tells me pink, but I definitely want to hear your thoughts!

Now, for the rest of the porch.

The front steps are going to get a miniature facelift by way of pressure washing, adding risers, and staining/sealing them well.

The metal railing and frame around the porch entrance is going to go. I have never been a fan of curly iron railing. I can handle some, more ornate, or even mid-century iron railing on THE RIGHT house, but most of the time, it’s a no for me. So we’re ripping those out and replacing just the hand rail with a very simple and sturdy, black handrail.

The brass wall sconces and pendant light on the porch are also dated, but not in a good way, so they’re being replaced. Oh, and the sun medallion. It’s definitely going to… ahem… find a new home.

Painting the door, replacing the lockset, adding new lights, and updating the steps are all going to make a big difference in the curb appeal of this cottage. Like I said, we’re going to get rolling on this project as early as Monday, so I’d love your input on which front door color and hardware/lighting combo you think we should go with!


I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Weigh in on your door color choice, and your favorite hardware look in the comments!