The Next House We're Flipping!

Closing Day on N Main

We just closed on this adorable little curiosity of a cottage on North Main Street in Evansville. When it first hit the market, there was so much hype about it, I really wanted to not like it. Ryan had even brought it to my attention one evening soon after it had been listed because it was floating around Facebook and I think I actually rolled my eyes… I said I had seen it and that the hype was annoying. I like to think I’m such a rebel.

I received a text the next morning from a friend/client asking what the process would look like if I would renovate it for her. She was only halfway serious, but it made me dive in a little deeper into the numbers and the house, itself, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it as a possibility for us, if my friend didn’t buy it.

I knew that if we wanted it, we’d have to act fast. We headed over there that afternoon, met our contractor, and by the evening we’d put in an offer.

The cottage was built in 1909 (WHAT?!)—you wouldn’t know it due to a 1980s renovation which took the former bait shop to a cedar-clad, modern, eye catcher in the middle of an up-coming street lined with all historic style homes.

Our initial intent was to AirBnb the property, as there are currently no vacation rental homes in that part of town. It’s walkable to restaurants and the ball field, and a short Uber to downtown and Franklin Street. We have since decided simply to flip it, with the potential for the buyer to still make a great profit on AirBnb if they wish to purchase it as an investment.

We’re starting with the exterior, so look for that update SOON, as well as a tour of the house before we get started!

I am so excited to share the process of designing this sweet little cottage here! I’d love it if you would follow along here and on Instagram and weigh in on some of the fun choices we get to make. For now, check out the listing photos below and please tell me in the comments: If you were purchasing this house to LIVE IN (not AirBnb), would you prefer it to be funky and sort of playful, or more classic and neutral? Let a girl know!