I am a creative entrepreneur,
co-founder of Wilson & Meritt investments, and a meal planning expert.

My friends call me “Millennial Martha Stewart”.
In 2009, with strength of will and fierce passion, I set out on a creative endeavor far from the medical profession I had planned for myself, not quite sure of where I would end up. Early on, I discovered a love for vintage, buying and re-selling antique housewares and textiles on Etsy. That same year, I got engaged and began the process of planning a wedding, which led me to stationery design. I had no idea that there was such a vast and successful world of art, all centered around paper, and I was instantly hooked. I named my stationery company AllieRuth. After a year of running my business out of a one bedroom apartment in Orlando, Florida, my husband, Ryan, took a job in Southern Indiana, sending us on a new journey to culture shock and a life in the Midwest. My new, beautiful surroundings in a place so well-connected to the past, along with tremendous support from our families, allowed my work to flourish. Upon our move, I acquired a turn-of-the-century Chandler and Price printing press, adding letterpress to my rapidly expanding list of working mediums. AllieRuth quickly grew over the following years, giving me confidence to eventually step outside the box of the stationery world and add gifts and home goods to my product lines. I transitioned out of stationery and product design under the AllieRuth name in 2015, when I had my second daughter. I have continued my work, since that time, as a freelancer in the areas of interior design, creative direction, and visual branding strategy. I share these passions on a lifestyle segment on 44News called Get it Together, which airs on Wednesdays at noon. I also design renovations for our real estate investment company Wilson & Meritt, which you can learn more about here.

For me, good food is an extension of good design. It's a creative endeavor. I was one of the lucky ones, with a family that valued sitting at the table and passing on recipes. I didn't realize just how lucky until adulthood, when I started finding myself more and more passionate about helping my friends and neighbors figure out how to get real food on their tables, too. Something I hope can be said about me years from now is that I left a legacy of real food for my kids, and helped others to do the same. You can find meal planning strategies on the blog, take a free course to learn how to meal plan around what you already have on hand here, and purchase the meal planner I created, Seamless Meal Planner, here.

I am married to the most encouraging man I've ever met, Ryan. I wouldn't have had the chutzpah to do any of this without his steadfast confidence in me. We have two little girls – Julep, who is five and incredibly articulate (sometimes, embarrassingly so), and Charlie, who is three and the very embodiment of her red-headed-ness. When I'm not cooking or designing, you can find me drinking all the coffee, making a crafty mess somewhere, or having rock n’ roll dance parties with my little girls in the living room.


/// Philosophy

Mixing the old with the new serves as a pillar of my design philosophy.
I love surrounding myself with pieces that tell a story.
I’ve been told I have an old soul. My work is an outpouring of that passion, constantly bringing me back around to that which is timeless, historied, and soulful.